Environmental Monitor

For Vibro-Acoustic Consultants, Nexus-Computing is developing a mobile environmental monitor based on Android.

In a wide area of application ranging from construction sites to pharmaceutical facilities, environmental data is constantly being acquired and processed on-site as well as uploaded to a webserver for further inspection.

Realtime Signal Processing on Android

Upon receiving data samples from a custom hardware front-end, the acquired data is further processed to determine key figures such as minima and maxima, as well as spectral density. For this data processing, it is absolutely imperative that no sample is lost along the way.

Utilizing the Java native interface framework to implement time consuming and critical parts of the signal processing chain in Android native code, Nexus-Computing has engineered a realtime and stable solution capable of running 24 hours a day.

PHP powered application backend

Utilizing state of the art web technology such as PHP and HTML 5 Canvas rendering, Nexus-Computing has created a flexible web backend that serves the purpose of data evaluation as well as device enrollment and management. Thanks to the broad spectrum of knowledge in technology, Nexus-Computing delivers one solution, from hardware to web front end software as one solution.

One system - multiple usages

Depending on the attached sensors, the environmental monitor is capable of measuring acceleration, magnetic field strength, sound pressure levels, etc.

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